China Legalizes Happy Ending Massages




(HuffPo)A recent ruling by a court in Guangdong province is sure to be welcome news for Chinese men looking for a little something extra with their massages. Last year, the Intermediate People’s Court in the city of Foshan ruled that performing masturbation on another person in exchange for money is not illegal and those who perform such acts should not face prosecution, according to a Nandu Daily report translated by the Global Times. Prostitution is still illegal in China, as it has been since it was banned by the Communist Party in 1949. However, the Foshan court ruled that manual masturbation and “breast massage,” in which a woman massages a man with her breasts, are not sex acts, and therefore do not constitute prostitution, Nandu Daily notes.


Once again China dominating the US. If it seems like they’re always kicking our ass it’s because they are. Everything from the economy to handjobs. Fucking sucks that our grandkids will be asking for an extra rub on their cock in Mandarin. Of course “performing masturbation” on another person (although I didn’t know that was possible) in exchange for money isn’t illegal. It’s your only option after a massage. Having some hot chick rub up on you and touch you for 30 minutes is as erotic as it gets. Her jerking you off after isn’t just legal, it’s the right thing to do. Otherwise you’re just paying $150 for a mean set of blue balls.


PS – breast massage sounds fucking awesome.