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It's Time For The Weekly Trashbag Hour On Twitch Featuring Trashbag Glenny Balls

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At some point over the last year, “trashbag” has worked its way into Glenny’s vocabulary, and he just can’t get enough of it. He fires it off as blindly as he fires literally any pistol on Call of Duty, and while his aim isn’t all there, the heart is. Balls and I are easily the best CoD Duo in the office, and beat Smitty so bad last week he wouldn’t even show up today. He ran back home to Philly. Scared.

ANYWAY, I’m just raggin on Glenny in my headline here to fire him up for the battlefield, and it seems it’s a job well done.

I think he actually said “Oh you trashbag!” when he saw this. Couldn’t help himself.

Come on in and join the stream, we’re hangin, playing Call of Duty, and answering questions from the chat. It’s a good time.