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Jayson Tatum Saying He Wants To Be The Next Paul Pierce Has Me Swooning

So yesterday Jayson Tatum did an AMA which was a pretty interesting read which you can do here. I mean it's Friday, what are you going to do, work? Don't be an idiot. Well there was one part in particular that stood out to me and has me swooning big time. This part right here

Which Celtic legend do you see yourself most as? (from @johnlikesjuice)

I like Paul [Pierce]. He's a great mentor. I talk to him a lot. Played with Boston most of his career, won a championship. Hopefully, I can follow in his footsteps.

Be still my heart. I mean there are a ton of Celtics legends Tatum could have chosen, but the fact that he went Pierce, who just so happens to be my favorite Celtic of all time and someone who I declared the Larry Bird of my generation, I mean what a perfect answer. It also doesn't hurt that their games are so similar, and that's not just me being silly, there's actual footage to support my claim


Now I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but here's how they stack up when you look at both of their Year 3s

Dare I say there are signs that maybe, just maybe Tatum could one day reach that Pierce level? Now this would mean Tatum would become one of the greatest Celtics ever, Pierce is littered all over their franchise record books, but considering Pierce can't stop talking about how he wants to mentor Tatum and help him truly blossom, this all just makes me so happy. This is also a good sign that Tatum is expressing how much he wants to stay in Boston. Obviously he's going to get the max extension and the Celts can always match anything he might get in RFA, but it's always great when your young talent buys into what it means to be a Celtic.

Other notable answers from his AMA

- He does not think the world is flat

- Marcus Smart might be a degenerate gambler

- Everyone loves Tacko

- Brad chooses the pecking order based on matchups

- Deuce is going to be the SF of the future for the Boston Celtics

Maybe it's the fact that the Celts are 9-1, riding a 9 game winning streak and are very clearly the best team in the NBA both in terms of record, point differential, net rating, you name it they rule at it, but this is all music to my ears. Now I can spend the rest of today daydreaming about Tatum becoming the next generation's Paul Pierce, watching him tear up getting his ring, then again at his jersey retirement ceremony, what a great way to spend time until tonight's late tip. I will say though, as much as he wants to be Paul Pierce, I wouldn't be mad if the only thing that was different were some more rings. 

Now, cue the highlights!