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Myles Powell Was So Damn Good Last Night, Tom Izzo Said He Didn't Know If God Could Defend Him

You may have been watching the Knicks sweep Kristaps Porzingis and have a successful 2019-20 season. You may have been watching Thursday Night Football. You may have been watching replays of Myles Garrett boop Mason Rudolph on the head with a helmet. I don't know. But if you didn't watch Michigan State at Seton Hall last night you missed out on an unreal college hoops game. 

Now, rest easy Michigan State fans I'm not slighting you here. But this blog is strictly about Myles Powell and Tom Izzo's quotes about him. Powell was the major story in this game. The dude was expected to be out a month! He had a nasty sprained ankle in Hall's last game and then rumors started to swirl yesterday morning that he was thinking about playing. Next thing you know he's suiting up and going through warmups. After that? Well here's his statline: 

37 points! He was absolutely unreal, because there's arguably no one in the country that takes more and makes more difficult shots than Powell. He's unbelievable at getting his shot off despite not being square to the hoop. He's able to contort his body to get a shot off and at one point he came off a curl with THREE Michigan State guys leaning on him. Bang. Watch some of these shots


I can't stop laughing at this image

Myles Powell isn't going to be a top pick in the Draft. But there is not a more fun and arguably not a better player in college hoops. He has that Trae Young, Jimmer, fill in the blank, type feel of when he can get hot there's no one stopping. Not even God according to Izzo.