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A Deer Looking For Some Afternoon Delight Got Bamboozled By A Fake Deer

What a heartbreaking video. Not only is it heartbreaking but what a horrifying thing to have happen. Think about it, that lonely deer was out and about, thought he spotted his soulmate, decided to try and seduce and her head fell right off her body. That had to do some serious psychological damage to the deer. That deer has no clue about fake deer and why the exist, all he thinks is that he tried to stick his deer boner inside a female deer and it caused her head to fall off. He might never have sex again after that. Christmas time has to be confusing as fuck for deer.

My only question is, why did the deer stop? Yeah his potential mate turned out to be a deer mannequin but that’s no reason to stop. That right there shows the main difference between animals and humans. Animals main objective in life is to make sure their species carries on. Their brains tell them they must have sex because otherwise they’ll go extinct. That is not the case with humans. Humans main objective in life is to get that nut off, by any means necessary. That very difference between animals and humans is what makes the sex toy industry a billion dollar business annually. If humans refused to pleasure their genitals with non-human items then entire industries wouldn’t exist.