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Always Good When The Stuntman Uses The Caption "Once upon a time we almost die" For His IG Video

This guy is a freaking maniac. Great follow on the IG if you can stomach a stuntman who labels himself as “action comedy” nearly dying on a week to week basis. I mean we’ve heard of “doing it for the Gram” but this is to a whole different level. He routinely is just throwing himself down hills, off cliffs, jumping over buildings, anything he can do to potentially put his life in danger. Now, he’s spoken about it before, he is extremely trained and obviously uniquely one of the best in the world at what he does. (What he “does” is up in the air, but I’m sure when you have 1 million followers on IG, professionally nearly dying becomes your job).

Warning- this next one gives me the heebie jeebies every time:


I can’t even walk down the stairs without nearly dying. I once bloodied my face slipping off a diving board. As great as this looks, I think I’ll stick to blogging.