Myles Garrett Nearly Just Killed Mason Rudolph On Live Television


Ndamukong Suh is watching this like “Oh you think I’m dirty????”
Vontaze Burfict is blushing watching this.

No joke I think this is the dirtiest play I’ve seen that wasn’t in black and white with “The autumn wind is a pirate” playing over it. Like Myles Garrett just went full Brandon Merriweather against FIU swinging his helmet and connecting like Rock-em Sock-em Robots. That was after ripping his helmet off his head with brute force. Holy shit.

Shoutout Mason Rudolph for taking that like a champ. I cannot imagine how painful getting whack-a-moled over the head by Myles Garrett would be but I know for certain I’d still be laying dead on the field. Mason Rudolph nearly died on the field a few weeks ago but somehow took this blow like an absolute champ. Also shoutout the Steelers offensive linemen for instantly jumping Myles Garrett for this.

What happens to Garrett now? My gut reaction says he’s done the rest of the year but it could certainly be worse than that. If he did this against Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers a sniper would have taken him out instantly and the game footage would have been deleted from the internet like that Beyoncé photo. Since it was just Mason Rudolph, just a few games and we’ll see you next year. Holy shit.

UPDATE – Not sure how important a detail this is HOWEVER, Mason Rudolph did try to rip off Garrett’s helmet first.

Why he attempted this, I have no clue. Did he deserve to be BONKED OVER THE HEAD with his own helmet by potentially the strongest player in the NFL? No, no he sure didn’t. If one thing’s for sure, Roger Goodell is the perfect guy to handle this whole ordeal with justice.


Tweet of the night goes to Adam Schefter.