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Browns Win But Remain Dumbest Franchise In Sports As Myles Garrett Hits Mason Rudolph With A Helmet

UPDATE: Samuel L. Jackson with a very different take on the situation.


What in the actual fuck is wrong with this franchise? Even when they win, they lose.

You'd have to expect Myles Garrett, who was having a fantastic season and really coming into his own, to be suspended for a long time and maybe the entire season.

It's a shame too because the Browns snapped a disgusting streak of five years without a win over the Steelers and beat both Pittsburgh and the Ravens in the same year for the first time ever.

This is shocking for many reasons, but I would never expect this from Myles Garrett. Good dude, really smart guy and always seems to be saying and doing the right thing. Not tonight.

Sounds like Myles is just accepting it and moving on. He knows what he did was dumb as shit.

I don't even mind that he ripped Rudolph's helmet off. The Steelers quarterback tried to do the same…

But once you get the helmet fucking drop it or something! JUST WALK AWAY! Do not do this


Baker said just about all that could be said at the end of the game.

I don't know, man. I got nothing else.

…but Todd Gurley had something to say and I laughed out loud.



I wrote 75% of my recap when Myles swung his helmet, I am not deleting it… here it is…




Browns win. It was ugly. Freddie still has no control of this offense. The team is still a bunch of great talent that can't mesh properly.

The Browns have an easy ass schedule still, with a disappointing 4-6 record, so they'll likely find a way to go 7-9 or 8-8, obtain a bland draft pick and officially make this season a big-time lost cause.

This call by Joe Buck is fantastic…

There was so much "GET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE" in his voice when he said, "this could end the night."


Luckily, it did end the night! Schobert's second interception (he has three interceptions on Thursday Night Football with Joe Buck on the call the last two years… there's a useless stat for you) setup this absurd game-winning touchdown pass from Baker Mayfield to checks notes rookie Stephen Carlson.

The Steelers didn't put up much of a fight on offense following injuries to JuJu and James Conner.


Just an all-around gross ass game from Mason Rudolph. Penalties aided their only successful drive.

Baker actually looked good… when Freddie Kitchens gave him some sequencing and play-calls to actually fucking work with…

I like what I saw from Baker tonight, but the chemistry issues, especially between him and Odell, is just tough to watch. I think a lot falls on Fr


This is where the blog stopped. Who fucking cares, Myles Garrett hit someone with their own helmet.

Even when the Browns win, they somehow lose. What an absolute joke.