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Holy Shit That Michigan State/Seton Hall Game Was Absolutely Awesome

Simply put that was fucking awesome. If this was during one of the Thanksgiving tournaments it would be talked about way more. If this was during March it would have been labeled one of the all-timers. It had it all. You have two All-Americans battling each other in Cassius Winston and Myles Powell. You had Powell as a game-time decision when the original report was he'd be out for like a month. You had a back and forth game. You had Malik Hall coming out of nowhere to essentially win the game for Michigan State. Powell finished with damn 37 points and Cassius had 21. 

What I can't believe is how open Myles Powell was for a chance to send the game to OT. After a timeout, Seton Hall had to go the length of the floor with about 4ish seconds to go. Somehow no one really covered Powell and I'm pretty sure he was shocked when he went to shoot it and hit the shot clock. With Gus and Raft on the call and with the way this thing was going I can't believe that didn't go in to give us OT. 

We have massive nonconfernce games going over the next couple of weeks and the Thanksgiving tournaments. I can't wait. What a game. Just watch the videos, they'll do a bit more justice.