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The Browns Are Literally Yawning All Over Mike Tomlin And The Steelers Right Now

Alright so I blogged earlier that I hope OBJ doesn't forget when Mike Tomlin yawned when asked about playing him twice a year. Uhhhh, turns out he didn't forget. And neither did the Browns. It's 14-0 Browns right now on the scoreboard, and it's 2 yawns to 0 on celebrations. OBJ caught a 42-yard **touchdown** that turned out to be down on the 1, and he immediately went right to the yawn.

And then Baker threw a touchdown to Jarvis and it looked like the entire Browns offense was ready to go to bed!!

I know it's late on a Thursday night, but they can't be this tired!!

I told you, this team plays best when the world is against them. Just keep your mouth shut and don't give us any bulletin board material, and you'll beat the Browns every time. Mike Tomlin brought this on himself. Baker and the boys are ready to play. This one might end 50-0 Browns. Don't sleep on the Browns playoff chances…