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I Will Not Rest Until Our Beloved Young Pageviews Gets Credit For Breaking The Carmelo News #RespectTheBiz

That's a real tweet from our beloved Young Pageviews - noted outdoors expert, animal lover, Blues fanatic and now breaker of news. I love it. YP out here doing the investigative work that most wouldn't - reading a random DM and taking it serious. After that he fact checked (put it on Twitter) and was a clear 2 hours ahead of the game. 

This is theft! This is where you need to respect the biz. Credit the man who broke the story two hours ahead of you, Woj. You know who Barstool is, hell I'm sure you watch Barstool Outdoors. I will not rest until this proper duty is done. YP is out here breaking what some are calling the biggest news of the NBA year and the man deserves credit. 

It starts here with this blog. It starts on Twitter. We shall not rest.