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The Blazers Are Signing Melo!!!!

Woj bomb like you read about! It finally happened. Someone finally took a chance and brought in Melo and the fact that it was Portland is not surprising at all. Their season is on the brink of falling apart, they can't win at home, they are wasting Dame's prime, it makes sense they would try literally anything to save it. Apparently that includes signing Melo. A bold strategy no doubt, nobody is really regarding Melo as a season savior, in fact it's almost the exact opposite but hey times are tough right now in Portland. At least it's a non-guaranteed deal so it's basically no risk, but it's clear they are desperate.

Now this is funny because if you remember, Dame came out and said that there was no way Melo was going to end up in Portland

Whoops! At least he finally got his white wale though. I always thought it would have been cool if prime Melo went out to Portland but it never happened obviously. Now we'll get to see if there's truly anything left in the tank because make no mistake, this is most likely Melo's true last shot (if he makes it). The Blazers do need wing help as we just saw the other night as Siakam just tore them a new one, and even if Melo can't stop a nosebleed at least he's a warm body. Who knows if he's truly a changed man and can accept a reserve roll, but we're sure as shit about to find out. If somehow someway this actually works out and Melo can prove to not be washed, it's a steal for POR. If he turns out to be the same melo we've seen in his last few stops, well it's definitely panic time in Portland.