Do These Look Like the Faces of Four Bar Hopping Temptresses Who Seduce Men At Upscale Bars, Drug Them And Rob Them?



Sun Sentinal - Detectives are hot on the trail of four women they say are part of a ring of bar-hopping temptresses who go home with men they meet at upscale bars, drug them and steal their money, high-end watches, credit cards, cellphones and other valuables.Broward sheriff’s detectives have obtained arrest warrants and released photos of the four women identified as: Subhanna Beyah, 25, Johnnina Miller, 25, Keshia Clark, 27, and Ryan Elkins, 23.”We need to locate these women,” said Dani Moschella, a sheriff’s spokeswoman. “They are dangerous. In May, detectives released a composite sketch and publicly warned men: “Watch out for Crystal.” Police say she ripped off a 45-year-old Pompano Beach man after meeting him March 2 at an upscale Fort Lauderdale restaurant.At his place, Crystal served him a vodka cocktail. When he awoke the next afternoon he was missing $6,000 cash and four watches valued at nearly $100,000. Crystal’s contact information had even been deleted from his cellphone.

I don’t even know what we’re talking about here. These chicks are praying on wealthy men at upscale bars? These four? Are you sure it was these four? Like was there a mix up in the graphics department or something? I mean look at these fucking chicks! Disgusting city! The whole point of having money and being rich is so you don’t have to deal with pigs like this. Like if you have 6K worth of cash on you and 4 watches worth 100K and you are even in the same zip code as any of these creatures you are seriously doing something wrong with your life.  Wake up and learn how to buy hot bitches.