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Is This What I'll Look Like In 50 Years?

First of all, there's no way I live to 70 considering I've been hammering the under at 40. Second, this is definitely me in 50 years. I've actually shot around with this guy at NIFS which is the greatest gym in not only Indiana, but in the world. When I was at Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis, students got a monthly membership that costed $25. If you weren't a student, it's usually around $60. It was a steal. This place has an NBA court, Olympic sized track, and babes on babes, on babes. You get what you pay for. When people ask me, "What was the hardest part about leaving Indy?" I always answer with, "NIFS". And Steak n Shake.

Anyways, this guy is not only a good human, but he's literally me in 50 years. All he does is shoot, we both have the same face, and both look like like _________ (I want you guys to fill in the blank because there's no wrong answers here). One moment I will never forget was when we were changing in the locker room after shooting around. He took off his sweaty shirt and goes "Hey this is too small on me. Would you like it?" In my mind I was thinking "No thank you Mr. Sandusky" but I really said, "No thank you". Like I said, really nice guy! I've witnessed the man shoot and that boy is BENT. I'll have to play him for a non sweaty shirt next time