The Impeachment Hearings are as Good a Time as Any to Check in With 'Babes For Trump 2020'

Like most Americans, I've been riveted to the drama that has been unfolding on our TV screens over the second half of this week. And by that I mean, I've been relentlessly bingeing Disney+, as well as the shows on Hulu because I got the bundle package, meaning I can catch up on episodes of "30 Rock" and "Community" and finally see "Letterkenny," which four episodes in is at 90% on Thornton Tomatoes. 

So what I, like the vast majority of us, am not caught up on is the Impeachment hearings. For updates on that, I turn right to my go-to source on all national and international political news. It's been a while since I've checked in. But it would appear the ladies of B4T2020 still have a firm grasp on the geopolitical landscape of the day. Here's what I found out.

Babes for Trump 2020 Stand for the Flag:

Babes for Trump 2020 Support the 2nd Amendment

Babes for Trump 2020 Wear Their Politics on Their Sleeves. And Elsewhere.

Babes for Trump 2020 Wear Hats

Babes for Trump 2020 REALLY Like Fishing

Babes for Trump Celebrate Diversity, It Would Seem

Sometimes It's All of the Above, I Guess?

And Sometimes I Guess They Just Like to Get Motorboated by Someone With Orange Bronzer? I'm Not Exactly Sure.

Don't take any of this as my support for or against impeachment, or as a tacit endorsement of any candidate of either party. This is simply because, on the rare occasion I'm not rewatching "The Mandalorian" or some Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, I catch someone saying these hearings are "historic." So I'm celebrating our great democratic process with free Americans exercising their liberty to express themselves in these historic times. And if anyone wants to send me the link to a "Babes for Bernie," "Babes for Warren" or "Babes for Biden" page, I'll happily give them equal time. I think that's a cause that all people across the political divide can support. God bless America.