Rhett Kingston, Who Was Born With Only 3 Fingers On One Hand, Absolutely Crushed This Celly After Scoring His First Collegiate Hat Trick

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And when life only gives you 3 fingers on your right hand, this is exactly what you do after scoring your first career NCAA hat trick. 

Big time beauty alert right there. And to have that celly teed up and ready to go like that? Just some legendary work out of Rhett Kingston.

Think about how many players have scored a hat trick in the NCAA. Probably hundreds and hundreds. But how memorable have any of them actually been? You see one guy break out the bow&arrow celly, you've seen them all. You see one guy drop to a knee and swipe the ice, you've seen them all. You hear one guy scream "LET'S FUCKIN' GOOOO", you've heard them all. But a kid born with only 3 fingers on his right hand popping off that mitt and throwing the 3 up for his first career hatty? That right there is a moment that lives on forever.