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Did The Internet Uncover Another NBA Player Burner Account? You Be The Judge

Burner accounts are all the rage right now when it comes to pro sports, and no league does it better than the NBA. They love them, can't get enough of em, and everyone from one of the best players in the league to real GM's use em. That's why when NBA Twitter catches a whiff of another NBA burner account they are going to remain undefeated. The player in question here is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who you may know as a guy who is legit stealing money from the Lakers. Power of Klutch and LeBron baby. To anyone who watches Lakers games you know he's pretty much a disaster. He plays aruond 19 minutes a night with 5 points per game shooting 35/22% and it always makes me laugh when you remember their GM pretty much said he was a gift from God

That was weird then and it's even more weird now. But back to the topic at hand here. Is that KCP's burner? He fits the profile of someone that would have a burner account in my opinion, Lakers fans and really basketball fans everywhere do nothing but shit on KCP because he stinks. I can't imagine there is a real life stranger out there hitting up KCP slander defending him like those tweets were. You then factor in the middle name and there is a lot of smoke here. 

Of course, it's Twitter and anyone can make an account so there's obviously the chance this isn't KCP. Anyone can google his name and create an account that could very well look like a real burner. My question is, whenever this shit gets dug up, how often is it NOT the player? I feel like the internet has like a 83% hit rate when it comes to this stuff. Maybe it's my Laker hatred showing, but I'm choosing to believe this is real. If it's not KCP himself then it's definitely someone in his camp. My point is he knows about it one way or another. 

I'll never understand why athletes use burners only because the internet always finds out and it makes things 1000x worse. That's why I'm happy Durant has changed his ways and now punches back with his real account. Nobody is going to get mad at a player for clapping back to some random person on Twitter talking shit, in fact that's EXACTLY what Twitter should be used for. To do it behind a fake account and then eventually getting exposed for said account is such a worse look. 

So I'll ask you. Is KCP the next NBA player to be soft as baby shit and use a burner to defend himself? Or is there just some weirdo out there in this world that has this much time on their hands.