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Report: The Houston Astros Penalty for Stealing Signs Could Be 'Unlike Anything Seen In The Sport's Recent History'


ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported Thursday that MLB is trying to unearth evidence teams “used technology to aid hitters.” Based on the results of the wide-ranging probe, potential severe penalties could be “unlike anything seen in the sport’s recent history,” according to Passan.

All of this is music to my ears. Major League Baseball is about to lay the hammer of dawn (shout out Gears of War) on the Houston Astros and it’s going to be glorious. Who knows, maybe Carrabis will go to jail for knowing about all of this and doing nothing.

What the baseball world needs is for the commissioner to come down as hard as humanly possible on the Astros. Make an example of them. A $500,000 fine won’t do anything. What’s a fine to an MLB team? Nothing, it’s a slap on the wrist while you look away. A loss of a draft pick won’t do much either. The Astros have their young core. They don’t need help. AJ Hinch needs to be banned for life. Suspend players who were heavily involved. The Astros should be forced to play every game on the road next year. Maybe they get relegated to the minors and Hinch has to be the bus driver? Or they could take away the World Series title. Now THAT would be something. You want to really follow through with your words of a severe penalty? Take away their rings. Do the right thing. Show no mercy.

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