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If You Want To Be A Professional Athlete, You Need To Start Crushing Stroopwafels

Just a little friendly tip to all you boys and girls back home who have hopes of becoming a professional athlete one day. You can train and train all you want to become the best, but training doesn't mean jack shit if your diet is a disaster. 

Nowadays you'll get plenty of people telling you to go vegan. You'll have people talking about meal prep. There are protein shakes and a whole bunch of other shit that nutritionists are trying to shove down your throat. But if you truly want to be great, well then it's time you start going to town on some deliciously buttery, crunchy stroopwafels like our good pal Robert Covington here. 

Now all I need to do is throw some amino acids or some bullshit like that into a stroopwafel, pitch them as energy stroopwafels, sell them to GNC and I'll be rich enough to never have to blog about stroopwafels ever again by the end of the month.