Uber Is Still Hooking Stoolies Up With $20 Credits On Their First Ride Through July 10th



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Uber is coming up huge for me right now. Look at me! I can’t go out in public looking like that. I can’t even walk because I have a broken neck. I can’t go outside in the pads because it’s 1,000 degrees. I can’t wear a Blackhawks jersey because I’d be killed. If I didn’t have Uber as my personal chauffeur I don’t know what I’d do.

So if Uber works for a down in the dumps mogul I assure you it will work for you. Sign up, get $20 off your first ride, and realize Uber is the only way to travel. Boston ain’t NYC. Can’t always go out and hail a cab. Why not take out your phone, schedule a ride, and walk outside into a lap of luxury. It’s such a no-brainer it’s silly.

Editors Note – I didn’t write this garbage.  Feitleberg did.  I had meetings all day today so I asked him to do an Uber blog. I have no freaking clue why he thought he should pretend to be me?   Fucking weird.   Dude Uber is the easiest thing we’ve ever pushed.  It’s a free 20 credit for new signups.   There are only 2 more weeks to claim your credit.  You can use it anywhere in the country.  It’s a no brainer.  That’s all you got to say.  None of this song and dance.   You don’t know me.

PS – Yes I wore full pads to a meeting with people in full suits today.  Awk much.


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