As Good As Hernandez Was At Football, He Is That Bad At Murder. Held Without Bail

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It’s incomprehensible how bad Hernandez is at murder. Absolutely incomprehensible. If half of what the prosecution read out in court is true then they shouldn’t even bother with a trail. Just send this moron to jail. For fucks sake he returned HIS rental car, in HIS name, with a shell casing under the driver seat. Left the body a mile from his house. He’s caught on camera walking around with guns. Smashed his security cameras and cellphone. All because Lloyd talked to someone Hernandez didn’t like. Because he couldn’t “trust” him anymore. He’s AWFUL at murder. But the defense did mention that he’s a homeowner with a child and it’s not a strong case at all, so what do I know?


I’d imagine Hernandez is confident his boys won’t talk though. They know how he handles breach of trust.