Can You Do A Cart Wheel? Because I Can And I Proved It

So I was on the Rundown yesterday and one of the topics was a MACtion football player doing a cartwheel in the middle of a play to distract the defense. The distraction didn’t work at all but during our back and forth about the video KFC asked me if I could do a cartwheel to which I instinctively and instantly answered ‘yes’ to the question. I legitimately didn’t give it any thought before I said yes. The question didn’t even make it’s way into my brain before my mouth decided to take the reins and answer affirmatively. If I had to retrace the steps my brain took in order for it to think I could for sure do a cartwheel, I would guess a lot of it had to do with me being an athlete once upon a time.

(feel free to check out my high school football tape for confirmation that I was an athlete once upon a time)

Luckily for me, I was right, I can in fact do a cartwheel. Sure it wasn’t the most graceful cartwheel in the world but it was a cartwheel nonetheless. KFC and Feits were skeptical (and rightfully so) but I made it happen because deep down under all my layers of fat and junk food and hours of sitting on my couch and overall bad decisions, there’s an #athlete.

PS- Did you hear a fart mid-cartwheel? It’s possible. I’m certainly not ruling it out. At the end of the day I’m 30 years old now and things happen. That’s all I’ll say.