This Puppy With A Tail Growing Out Of His Head Is SO Goddamn Adorable


Mac’s Mission in Missouri is used to taking in different dogs.

Rochelle Steffen founded Mac’s Mission nearly eight years ago and, since then, the focus of the nonprofit rescue has been on dogs with special needs.

The latest puppy brought to the mission has been a viral – and adorable – sensation.

The 10-week-old Narwhal has taken social media by storm. The puppy, who Steffen believes is a Dachshund-mix, has a small tail growing out of its head. He was found “in rural Missouri” with a larger dog on Friday and brought to Mac’s Mission on Saturday, Steffen said.

“I saw the picture and I almost didn’t believe it was real,” Steffen told USA TODAY. “When I saw him Sunday morning, I got excited. He was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, and he was so happy.”

I wanted to spread the word about Narwhal here because we’re all dog people.  At least we should be – if you’re reading this and you’re not a dog guy then you can GTFO and don’t come back.  NOT. WELCOME.

Narwhal here has been all over the internet this morning.  Look at that video above and tell me you don’t want to play tug of war and rub his belly.  You can’t.  Just such a mischievous, yet kind hearted little pup.

Unfortunately it’s gonna be a bit before he finds his forever home:

A bunch of assholes looking to adopt Narwhal for social media likes.  Not gonna lie I’d 100% be one of those assholes.

Anyways I REALLY hope this doesn’t snowball into something worse for Narwhal.  Need this lil guy to get through these next two months healthy so he can be some dude in Missouri’s wingman at the dog park.

Also – adopt, don’t shop.  So many worthy pups out there looking for homes.  I have worked with PAWS a little bit for the Marathon and Barstool Chicago’s inaugural Punt Pass and Kick competition and they do amazing work.  If you have an extra few bucks, toss it to them and save a dog’s life.