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Plot Twist: James Wiseman Is Now Ruled Ineligible For Memphis(Bonus Press Release From The Best Law Firm These Eyes Have Ever Seen)

Just another plot twist in the James Wiseman situation with the NCAA. Remember, last Friday it was ruled that he was ineligible because his family received $11,000 from Penny (before he was head coach at Memphis) to move to Memphis to play for Penny's AAU and high school team. But, in 2008 Penny donated a million bucks to Memphis therefore making him a booster for life there. So that's where this is all stemming from. 

Penny played Wiseman regardless as they went and got a restraining order to let Wiseman play. The lawyer they were using? None other than Leslie Ballin, who is the real star of this whole show. 

So today Wiseman and Memphis dropped the lawsuit thanks to the greatest press release ever: 

First off there's the typo with the wrong 'it's.' Really, that just makes this whole thing the best. You know ole Leslie was sitting back probably getting someone to write this on a typewriter saying 'ah fuck it, just send it out.'

But then look at this law firm's name! Two Ballin's, three Farese's. These are the only people I ever want to represent me and my loved ones if we ever need lawyers. 

So now Wiseman has to re-file for eligibility. Typically this sort of ruling leads to about a 9 game suspension but there are rumors flying around that it will be way less than that and also some saying he's done for the year. I tend to think more of the former than the latter. Memphis is applying for reinstatement right away and I expect a decision on the length of suspension soon here.