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Is SWAG KELLY Hot Now?????

WOW! The last time I saw a picture of Swag Kelly, he was fresh off an arrest after breaking into someone's home and getting the shit beaten out of him with a vacuum tube. And boy, not many people have gotten a worse mugshot than this. 

Both sides of this dudes face were in different motherfucking zip codes. Looking at it still makes me uneasy, almost like the Tom Cruise middle-tooth.

But now look at him! He's living life and looking good! This reminds me of the PMT plan to rebrand RGIII by having him change his name to Bob Griffin. I feel like I don't even know this guys is, let alone remember him as the psycho home invader that looks like sloth from the goonies. All he had to do was grow his hair out and I'm basically looking at Superman with his glasses on. Good for you, Swag! Remind us of that loveable youth from the 2007 AFC Championship game.