Last Chance To Donate To Team Barstool Kickball Team For Charity And Enter The Chance To Play With Us On Saturday



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Real simple. Anyone who gives 50 dollars to the Barstool Donation Page will become eligible to play on our team. All you have to do is email a receipt of your donation to Tomorrow Big Cat will pick 2 winners from the group, each winner gets a +1 to play on our team (you obviously have to get yourself to Chicago if you don’t live here). Simple as could be. Donate 50 dollars, email the receipt, hope you win a spot on the team.

PS – Right now we are 3rd highest raising team out of the field of 64 with a shade under 7K raised.  Kind of embarrassing since we’re like a real website but whatever.  All donations are much appreciated.  I do know I’ve asked for a bunch of donation shit since the Marathon.  Either way fuck cancer. Viva.

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