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A Fan Looks Grayson Allen Directly In The Eyes And Tells Him He's A Bitch While Laughing In His Face

I don’t like throwing the word hero out a lot, but this unnamed man is one. Listen, it’s easy to hide behind Twitter and tweet at people without your name or face attached that they are bitches. Sitting in the front row, looking at Grayson Allen, waiting for him to look directly at you and then call him a bitch? That’s how you do it. That’s the good stuff and I’d be lying if I wasn’t on watch 432,000 of this. If there’s any person in the basketball world that deserves this it’s Grayson. Let’s run through his greatest hits:

Plus just the fact that he went to Duke. That’s the good stuff. That’s why this fan had every right in the world to look this man in the eye and call him a bitch. Remember this game took place in Charlotte, so I’m assuming this fan is a UNC, Wake or NC State fan.

God this smirk from Grayson just pisses me off

The only and I mean only redeeming quality of Grayson is his girlfriend.