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These Millennial Children Have ZERO Respect For Their Parents And It Makes Me Sick

Very rarely do we get to see a father and son square off in professional sports. Even rarer that the son is begging the refs to T up his father on the opposing bench in crunch time and gets his wish. But the societal hierarchy of power here is still father > ref. So what I'm getting at here is that if Doc saw Austin pleading for that tech, took off his belt and started chasing him around the court with frog-voiced threats of an impending spanking, what would happen? I don't think you could eject a man for some old school, hard nosed parenting. Certainly the League couldn't set the precedent that they don't allow its fathers to discipline their sons. It would have been quite the pickle, and a substantially funnier visual. Luckily all that was avoided, but I'm sure it will play out over Thanksgiving dinner when Doc refuses to pass the yams to Austin despite multiple requests. Doc needs to restore the power structure under his own roof after this blatant display of disrespect on national television. I wouldn't blame him If he stole a page out of CP3's book and went down the back tunnel tonight to give Austin the what-for in front of all his little friends.