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People Forget Paul Lo Duca Hit .317 Off Randy Johnson (20-63 Career)

If you've been unplugged from Barstool Bets, there's been a big controversy brewing between Blackjack and Rico for a while and now with Lo Duca on board it's become a straight up 3-brother fight: 2-on-1 with no end sight. Anyone from a family with 3+ brothers knows what I mean. 

Personally I have no dog in it. I got wasted with Black Jack in August at McSorley's and it was awesome. Rico's done some good shit with Dog Walk and has always been nice to me. And Paul Lo Duca idk from a hole in the wall outside his baseball reference page which upon further inspection shows he HIT .317 AGAINST RANDY FUCKING JOHNSON

How is that even possible? Randy Johnson held hitters to .218 over his career and Paul did most of his damage against The Big Unit in the early 2000's when he won 4 straight Cy Youngs. Pretty goddamn impressive if we're being honest.

The best part though is the benefit that comes to me. Yes, me. 

I get to be the guy at the bar talking about his buddy from work. Even though we've never met. Even though we've never talked and he doesn't follow me on twitter. None of that shit matters because I still get to be like Yeah I work with a guy who hit .317 off Randy Johnson which is actually pretty bad ass. I love taking credit for people's accomplishments and you better fucking believe I'll be all over this smorgasbord of HOF success.

Who? Paul? Lo Duca? The guy who fucking shelled the Atlanta Braves Immortal Pitching Staff? YEAH HE AND I ARE PRACTICALLY BEST BUDDIES

In all seriousness though Randy Johnson was absolutely fucking legit. Only question is what's more impressive: .317 in 70 PA's or just 6 K's in 70 PA's?

Cool blog carl. 

thx guys