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People Forget How Absurd the Premise of Hannah Montana Was

Being the massive Disney stan I am, I was one of the first in line to sign up for Disney Plus and I've been binging everything the past 24 hours. I watched the first episode of the new High School Musical series, a couple episodes of my childhood favorite Lizzie McGuire and a bunch more.

But the Hannah Montana Movie came across my feed and I decided to give that another whirl because I remembered it being pretty entertaining and it prominently features the greatest and most beautiful state in our union, Tennessee. It was just a few seconds in that I think I fully realized the absurdity of the plot of Hannah Montana that I just kinda glossed over in 2009.

Disney really built a massively successful television show, movie and subsequent actual musical career on the premise that this girl was unrecognizable without a blonde wig. It's one of those things that you just don't really think about at 12 years old and now, a decade later, realize just how preposterous it really was.

At least with the premise of other Disney shows, they obviously existed in a fictitious universe -- a family of wizards living in Greenwich Village, a high school psychic, etc. But there was nothing in this show to suggest this was not taking place in real-life Malibu and thus was to be taken as 100 percent real.

I mean every one of those gets more absurd than the one before it. Maybe I'm just really dumb and everybody else thought this in the moment, but it took me a decade to realize how stupid I was for watching this show for however many years and just thinking, "Yep, that checks out."

Her face looks exactly the same -- no change whatsoever. And one of her best friends who is supposedly in love with Hannah Montana hangs out with her every day for years and has no idea?! This honestly makes me want to go back through everything I did from like 2006-2010 and just make sure nothing else slipped through the cracks because I was apparently pretty stupid -- though that actually still might be the case.

All that said, this show is still an all-time great and I do fully plan on re-watching it in its entirety just because I can now.