If This Dog Story Doesn't Make You Cry You're A Heartless Asshole Who Probably Likes Cats

 (I just scrolled ahead to 2:30 mark when Ebbie got adopted.  I refuse to watch the testing shit)

Since everybody is already crying their dicks off what’s a little more pain on top of pain?  These Beagle videos always choke me up.   Listen I don’t care if dogs hold the cure to fucking cancer. Dogs shouldn’t be tested on period. You want to test on animals? Test on cats. They don’t have feelings anyway. Or better yet test on humans. But dogs are the last creatures on earth who deserve to be tested on. I mean look at Ebbie. All he wanted was to have puppies roll around on his head and get pet and then he became healthy and awesome. I just don’t get how anybody can test on an animal that you know feels every ounce of pain and wants so desperately just to be loved.  An animal that would die just to be your best friend.  You have to have a black heart and be the most inhumane fuck on the planet. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say I’d like to murder every single human who tests on dogs. And murder their families as well.

PS – Can I please get an update on whoever adopted Wally? Is that too much to ask for Christ Sakes?