Dave Grohl Went On Sesame Street And Dropped The Song Of The Century

Dave Grohl, frontman of the Foo Fighters and one of the last true rockstars alive, went on Sesame Street this morning to chill out and jam with his friends Big Bird and Elmo, and it was – excuse my French – fucking awesome.

You may say to me, “Robbie, how could you call somebody one of the last true rockstars alive if they’re out here appearing on Sesame Street?!”, but I came to this blog well prepared for that snarky comment from you. You wanna know what’s lame? Going on Sesame Street as a rockstar. You wanna know what’s NOT lame?! Going on Sesame Street as a rockstar and TEARING THE HOUSE DOWN WITH A TODDLER FRIENDLY TUNE!!!

You simply cannot tell me ‘Here We Go’ doesn’t fucking bang. Hell, I think Dave should throw it on the next Foo Fighters record. Imagine Taylor Hawkins behind that beat? C’mon!!! I’d love to go on Seasame Street. I think I would chop it up with the pals real quick.

Seriously, though, Dave going on Sesame Street likely for his youngest daughter is adorable. He seems like a fucking awesome dad.