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The Browns Are Having The Worst Promotional Item Giveaway In The History Of Sports Tonight


A doggy nose? This is single-handedly the worst item promotion I've ever seen. Okay, actually it's the second worst. The White Sox once had a white poncho night. That turned out, uhhh, problematic.

But aside from helping your fans dress up like the KKK in a sport that is known for being made up of predominantly white players, I'd put giving out cute little doggy noses to 35,000 of your fans coming to an AFC North rivalry game as the next worst decision. I mean, tonight's game will be freezing cold and hard-hitting. There will be no love lost in the stands, which will be filled with thousands upon thousands of angry, drunk fans. And the Browns think they want a doggy nose? Get a clue.

Know your audience for me one time. Football is supposed to be a game of toughness. Cleveland is supposed to be the Hardland of America. And we're handing out these cute little noses to our fans? This isn't a minor league baseball game where they need dumb promotions like a Jared Carrabis bobblehead to entice people to come. Fans are going to be at this game whether you hand out anything or not. But for you to decide that 35,000 people need toy doggy masks is flat out embarrassing. Just pass out clown noses instead. Anyone wearing theirs on national TV is going to look like a clown, and it's going to embarassing for our city and our team. And this city and this team don't need any more embarrassment!

Honestly, if you have to give out anything, make it the dog mask. 

Now that would be a cool promotion. The Browns are on the comeback trail. Everyone is doubting us. Give the underdog masks, not the little cute puppy masks.

These things suck. And you can't even throw these at the refs or the Steelers if things don't go our way!!