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'Jeopardy!' Refuses to Let Pete Carroll Move on With His Life in Peace

It's been an emotional week on "Jeopardy!: Tournament of Champions." A contestant expressing the love we all share for Alex Trebek, as Alex understandably can't help but lose his composure just a little. We've had the triumphant return of American Treasure James Holzhauer, with the subsequent bittersweet feeling that comes from knowing he could still be on his historic run were it not for one bad decision on Final many months ago.

And speaking of "one bad decision on final," no one has had a more emotional week than Pete Carroll. He went from the highest high to the lowest low in a matter of hours. A huge, dramatic win in the last second of overtime in the Game of the Year at San Francisco, followed quickly by this. A brutal, callous, heartless reminder of the time he had all his dreams ripped from his hands by an undrafted anonymous nobody from West Alabama and the genius who put him on the field. 

Needless to say, the Seahawks' 12th Man hasn't taken it well:


It would take a heart of stone not to laugh. 

And I think it's only fitting that it aired on November 12th, the 75th birthday of the man who made the call of the most pivotal, significant, single play in NFL history. The one that restarted the forges of one NFL dynasty while dousing the flames of another. Happy belated birthday to Al Michaels, who gave us this reaction for the ages:

And welcome to "Jeopardy!" immortality to Pete Carroll. You might have been completely outsmarted by superior coaching and will never live it down:

But how many people truly get to say they got to help James Holzhauer win money?