I Think Pat Tomasulo from WGN Who Keeps Trying To "Punk" Bruins Fans May Be The Biggest Squid On the Planet

pat-t daa


(It’s an autoplay video so click to watch)

So a bunch of people sent me this video of this squid from WGN in Chicago Pat Tomasulo walking around Boston pretending to be carrying the Stanley Cup. He puts NHL stickers on the case and had 2 guys dressed up like the guys who carry it. And guess what? Some people were like is that the Cup? HOLY SHIT! YOU GOT US DAWG! YOU FUCKING ROCK DUDE! FUCKING HILARIOUS!  Honestly how did you do it? I mean you pretended to be carrying the Cup and then some people asked if it was the Cup. Next level stuff! The only thing that was better than this stunt was when before Game 2 he walked around Boston and gave people Blackhawk towels. Boom Roasted! Say what you want about those kooky Midwesterners but they don’t fuck around when it comes to practical jokes. Larry David who?