The Astros Sign Stealing Conspiracy Runs DEEP

Wanted to throw this Twitter thread out there because I’m officially obsessed with this conspiracy.  When this news broke last night I went down a little Fangraphs rabbit hole trying to piece together the puzzle.  If you listen to Red Line Radio, you know that Carl and I have LONG been on the “Astros are dirty cheaters” bandwagon.  In fact we basically started it.  We guessed that they figured out a way to stay one step ahead of steroid testing, but I did reference sign stealing a few different times throughout various episodes.  But now the cats out of the bag.

If you haven’t read my blog yet that sniffed out Jake Marisnick being my main person of interest in the sign stealing scandal, here it is.

Call me Bob Woodward.  Investigative journalism up in this bitch.  But anyways, I didn’t think to look at playoff splits.  The thread above is pretty damning, is it not?  Splits that extreme are definitely pieces of circumstantial evidence that the Astros did in fact have cameras zoomed in on catcher’s nut sacks to steal signs.  At least to me they are.  No bueno.

But with that said, I did snoop around last night.  I’ve been throwing a lot of jokes in the last few blogs I’ve done on this, but I’m not lying or joking when I say that the majority of Astros hitters were using the banging method to steal signs.  Not all of the time, but some of the time.  We saw the videos of Marisnick, Gattis and Springer using it this morning…

…but it doesn’t stop with just them.  More names and videos will come out.  In fact a video of Correa using it was dropped by Jomboy as well:

as was Josh Reddick and Jose Altuve

Anyways, I think this is going to be a BIG deal the next few weeks as more and more videos leak out.  Sooner or later we’re gonna see video come out of someone like AJ Reed (lol) taking a fungo to a bat rack on some random Sunday Night Baseball feed.  At least I hope.  I want to see the Astros burn, Carl and I have been talking about it for YEARS that there’s something fishy going on with that organization.

Can’t wait until more of this story unfolds.

PS – the AJ Reed line was a joke, no idea at all if he had involvement.  I used his name for comedic relief for White Sox fans
PPS – imagine resorting to cheating against the 2017 WHITE SOX hahaha