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You Have To Love Trae Young Taking To Twitter To Call Out His Doubters After His Historic Night

Oh hell yes. This right here is why social media rules. Sure there are a lot of downsides to it, it can get you in some sticky situations from time to time, but living in an era where athletes can go online and talk that shit is why rules. Because make no mistake Trae Young had a ton of doubters coming out of college. Talking heads said he was too small, his game wouldn't translate to the NBA and that trading Luka Doncic for him was a disaster. Well all he's ever done is show up in the NBA and be an absolute force. If his first year happened at any other time he'd be a shoe in for the ROY, and he's backed up that sensational rookie season with:

28.0/4.3/8.7/1.6 on 46/40% splits with 3.7 3PM a night. 


I said it in this morning's blog and I'll say it again here. Trae Young is quickly approaching the Steph Curry level of must watch TV. You have to have the Hawks game on one of your screens whenever they play because he's that exciting. The shooting, the passing, the ability to make defenders look stupid, this dude has it all and he puts it up every single night. I love how he's not shy at talking shit about people that doubted him either. I know that's not new for athletes to do, but to be vocal about it and then back it up makes Trae Young all the more badass in my opinion.

Oh and there's someone else that seems to know exactly what Young is going through that just so happened to reply to that tweet


All I know is I am very much here for Trae Young going scorched earth on everyone that doubted his ability to hang in the NBA. We're not just looking at an All Star caliber season, we're looking at an All NBA caliber season which is pretty nuts because nothing we're seeing from Young is unsustainable. It's not like he's had a hot week or something, this is just who he is. In fact this is probably the worst he'll ever be, which is pretty fucking terrifying.