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MIND BLOWN: Tyrod Taylor and Lamar Jackson Are Practically Identical Through Their First 16 Starts

Alexa enhance

Holy Fuck.

I almost spit out my coffee


The throwing stats are literally identical but not identical by definition but close enough for me to exaggerate. So I went to the rushing stats: 



Obviously more yards and tuddies from Lamar but over double the attempts. Y/A is within a 2% margin and objectively Lamar has much, MUCH more talent around him on the ground which makes it even more preposterous. Really think about how much Lamar ball washing is going on right now vs. how fast Tyrod gets run out of places vs. how fucking impossible it would be to lump these two together through their first 16 starts. 

But here we are doing it which laments the fact that no one except Bill Belichick really knows shit when it comes to the NFL. He's the only guy who wouldn't be surprised by this. Probably knows the splits down to the quarter and the down and the distance and what side of the pants these guys tuck their dicks into and on it goes. 

I know that sounds weird coming from a Bears fan (The Belichick appreciation, not the dick tucking. Everyone appreciates good dick tuck insight.) but I just can't help myself the more I work for this company and the more the Bears fall apart in my face. From 12-4 to me sitting in a hottub at a suburban Sybaris this weekend to will the Bears to victory: the immediate drop off has certainly made me feel the longstanding emotional impacts. 

Idk where to turn at this point so I'm going here instead:

Point is I didn't see 4-5 coming this season for the Bears much like you didn't see Tyrod and Lamar being basically the same guy through 16 career starts. Whatever we were both wrong

Bears go to 5-5 and everybody's back