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Report: Cam Newton Is Down To Play For The Bears

My knee jerk reaction is that I'm down for this as long as he's healthy and the price is right. I do have concerns about whether the team has been poisoned or not, but Cam seems like the kind of guy that will pump some new life into the whole 53 man roster to make all of that work out. Cam's cap hit would be just a little over $21 million which is actually not bad for a QB that was playing really well a little over a year ago.

I do think the reality of the situation is that the Bears still want to see how Mitch plays in these last 7 games. I know that's not what people want to hear, but I really don't think the front office has completely given up on him yet. He's also going to be in the last year of his rookie deal that comes with a dead cap hit that's a little over $9 million dollars so that makes it all the more likely that he's back in some capacity.

With that said though I think the Bears would be foolish to not look at bringing somebody competent (that's a loose word) in next year. Whether it be Cam, Mariota, or a 2nd round draft pick I think it just has to happen. But, once again I just feel like there's so much dust that still has to settle here. Is Pace even going to be back? If he's not back does that mean the new regime fires Nagy and brings in his own guys? Will that guy then gut the whole team and want to start new? Or are we going to just try and quickstart this thing back up because of our defensive potential?

So many questions that we'll hopefully find out the answer to in 8 weeks or so.

Bear Down.