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Chase Young Has Been Suspended For One More Game (Rutgers, Lol) And Then He's Officially Back

He's baaaaaack!!

I mean I guess technically he still suspended for one more game, but we play Rutgers in that game. The Buckeyes are favored by 54 points against Rutgers. We could play our 4th string and still win by three scores. I mean, we played our 3rd string and beat Alabama, but nows not the time to discuss that.

Anyways, looking back, this suspension was literally nothing at all. In fact, it was probably a good thing. Chase got to sit out against the two worst teams on our schedule and avoid the risk of injury. And now he's back and pissed off to play against Penn State, Michigan, and in the College Football Playoff. That makes me and LeBron James happy.

Sorry, Big 10! I think we would've ran the table with or without Chase Young, but him being suspended at least gave you hope. Now you have none. It's time to switch the narrative from how awful it was that he accepted a loan from a very close family friend. The NCAA has determined it wasn't that big of a deal! Your best chance now is to try and convince him to pull a Nick Bosa and shut it down early. I saw Penn State is already trying that....

To put it bluntly, Chase Young doesn't need Ohio State anymore. The school has given him a platform to show NFL teams what he can do and he's thrived, to say the least. He's high on many people's Heisman lists and is undeniably dominant. Risking injuries by continuing to play for the Buckeyes is too risky and may hurt his sky-high draft stock.

Shuuuuuut uppppp. There's a 0% chance he does that now. He's going to come back better than ever. But I see why Penn State would try to convince him not to play though….

Can't wait to see this again in two weeks.