Memo To All 5-15 Year Olds...Kaia Crawford Is Going To Be The "It" Girl Of Your Generation And Their Ain't Shit You Can Do About It

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Editors Note - I wrote this blog 2 days ago.  I didn’t think it was time sensitive.   I thought I could post it whenever I needed a filler blog.  After all what other type of lunatic would blog about how hot a fucking 12 year old is.  Well I’ll tell you who would.  KFC.  Fucking perv.  Now I got to post this right now so Stoolies don’t jump down my throat when I posted this in 2 days from now.  We got 5 lead editors.  Two of them thought blogging about how pretty a 10 year old was necessary.  I don’t know what that says about the Stool.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen Cindy Crawford’s daughter.  Now before everybody calls me a pedophile and shit let me say this loud and clear.  I’m not saying she’s hot right now.  I’m just saying in 7-10 years this chick is going to run the internet and probably the universe.   Like Cindy Crawford is top 5 hottest chicks of the past 100 years.  It’s not even debatable.  She re-invented what it means to be a Supermodel and it appears she’s created a super model super child to follow in her footsteps.   The only and I mean the only thing that could prevent her rise to power is if the Kardashian’s whack her which I would say has a 30% chance of happening.

PS – I know everybody is gonna call me a pervert for this blog.  Fuckk that noise.  If you can’t tell that this girl is prettier than the average human than you’re a pervert.