Dare I Say This Is Dukes Year? They Are The Only Good College Basketball FactTeam This Year

hahahahahah are you kidding me. The number one team in the country lost to a team called Evansville.

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My high school had more kids than that and cheating Kentucky with all of these 5 star recruits lost as a 25 point home favorite. But I am done talking about this team because they aren’t worth talking about. They are dead and lets move on to a team that actually has a chance at winning it all this year.

This Duke team is back to normal because last year people kind of enjoyed them. We aren’t going to get to watch a guy like Zion ever again so other people enjoying Duke was weird.  It wasn’t the typical Duke team that everyone hates on but we got our mojo back. I already know the easy target that everyone is going to hate on but my guy Matthew Hurt is a stud. Let him go through puberty and hell be fucking. Besides being a lethal shooter the guy plays defense. That is our x factor this year which we never have is that we play defense this year. Kansas had 29 turnovers and that was all because of the pressure Duke put on them. Having Tre Jones returning is huge for leadership and I mean Cassius Stanley is like a 20 year old freshman who can jump out of the gym.

All in all its sad that there won’t be much competition. There are three teams that they have to watch out for. Michigan State, UNC (they have one good player) and Louisville. Just be thankful you get to watch this Duke team play night in and night out and not having to watch shitty teams like Kentucky lose to no name schools. When we play no names the final score is winning by 50 like they did last night to Colorado State.