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Mila Kunis Put A Beatdown On A Red Carpet Yesterday Despite Being Pregnant As Shit

HOT.  I’m on record saying that when chicks get pregnant, even hot celebrities, they get so fat and so ugly to the point where they should just stay inside until they pop.  Nobody wants to see that.  We want to remember these women as the smoking hot starlets, not the beached whales who can barely fit through Victorian double doors.  It’s be better for their careers anyway.  Well look at our girl Mila Kunis just completely bucking that trend and putting a beatdown at the red carpet of a movie premiere despite being pregnant as shit.  That little black dress just WORKS.  I guess this is what happens when an Iowan knocks you up.  It’s a simple matter of superior genes.  Ashton has them and he passed them onto Mila and now she still looks hot even during pregnancy.  Science.   Did we all just develop a fetish for pregnant women?  I think we did.

And she still has claws.  Rawr.