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Lady Gaga Had a Chick Repeatedly Puke On Her During a Show, Because She's an Artist and So Edgy


Take a backseat, Mona Lisa! This is ART! Doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see what Lady Gaga is doing is miles and miles above every other artist out there. Whether she’s wearing a dress made of meat or hatching herself out of an egg, she’s just so edgy and different I can’t even believe anyone else would bother making music…or making anything really at all anymore. Because Lady Gaga is just going to top you. Think you painted a masterpiece? Think again. Lady Gaga just cut off her arm on stage because that’s what edgy artists do. For real though, when it comes to the top 5 artists of all time, Lady Gaga gets spots 1-6. If you have to ask how she gets 6 spots in the top 5, you just don’t get art. Idiot.

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