I'm Not Sure You Can Get Cuckholded Worse Than Paulie Malignaggi Did After Losing His Belt To Adrien Broner Saturday Night


I know Kmarko already posted this. Well I’m posting it too. The old “I took his belt and I took his woman” line. The absolute pinnacle of talking trash. And on the other side of the spectrum the absolute worst response in the history of trash talking by Paulie Malignaggi. Listen bro it doesn’t matter if he stole your wife and planted a baby in her. You can’t acknowledge anything in that situation. You got to plead the 5th. Just act like you don’t even know what he’s talking about. Like this is an absolute non story if Malignaggi doesn’t grab the mic and say it wasn’t his girlfriend he stole it was his side piece. That legitimized the entire story. Cuckhold city.