To Say New England Fans Are In Torrey Smith's Head Would Be An Understatement






Hahahaha! Wahhh a few Pats fans made fun of my dead brother a few months ago so now I hate everything about New England except Kevin Garnett! Wahhhhh!! Hysterical. Torrey Smith’s head has tenants and they’re all from Boston. I mean it’s June right now. The Ravens won the Super Bowl last season. His summer should be nothing but partying and celebrating being world champs. But what’s on his mind? New England. Pretty incredible feeling. Even when the Pats don’t win the Super Bowl they’re all anyone in the NFL can think about. They’re that ominous shadow always lurking. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Super Bowl champ, you know they’re the king and might shoot you execution style at any moment.


PS – I have an incredible disdain for people who don’t drink that aren’t recovering alcoholics. It’s wildly irrational but they’re my least favorite people in the world. Grow up and have a fucking beer dude.