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Wake Up With Mike Fires And The Astros Beating The Nationals In Houston In 2017 With The Help Of Video Cameras In Center Field

Back in 2017 when the Astros were on top of the baseball world, man they were untouchable. 59-33 at home, thats almost a 60% winning percentage! It’s like Mike Fiers and the Astros had a little help when they were in Houston. Maybe like cameras behind center field that would relay the pitch to the dugout and then they would bang a bat on something to make a noise so the batter knew a changeup was coming or something. Maybe something like that helped them beat the Dodgers in the World Series. Who knows!?!?! I also thought it was weird Fiers comes out today with The Athletic and says it was happening back then. Obviously now he’s on another team he’ll say that it was wrong, but I guess he had no problem with it back then, interesting.