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Justice: The Scumbag Houston Astros Are Now Proven Cheaters And Should Be Thrown In Jail

The Athletic

Four people who were with the Astros in 2017, including pitcher Mike Fiers, said that during that season, the Astros stole signs during home games in real time with the aid of a camera positioned in the outfield.

Now, an MLB investigation into the Astros’ culture in the wake of the team’s firing of assistant general manager Brandon Taubman could be expanded to determine who in the organization was aware of the sign-stealing practice — and whether it continued or evolved in subsequent seasons. The Athletic’s confirmation of rule-breaking by Houston is limited to 2017.

Early in the 2017 season, at least two uniformed Astros got together to start the process. One was a hitter who was struggling at the plate and had benefited from sign stealing with a previous team, according to club sources; another was a coach who wanted to help. They were said to strongly believe that some opposing teams were already up to no good.

One Astros source said he had a vivid memory of hearing the garbage can sound right before an Astros home run during the postseason.

We got you, you motherfuckers. For YEARS teams have asked Major League Baseball to investigate the Houston Astros for cheating the game. For years we've been told they're clean and are just the best at picking up pitcher's tells. We've long suspected there were hidden cameras in the outfield walls. Today, we have justice. AJ Hinch and the Houston Astros, aside from employing the scumbags of the world, are cheating sons of bitches as well. This video breakdown from Jomboy gives you a clear visual at how they were cheating with the use of Danny Farquhar's changeup. First, Danny's story from Rosenthal's article. 

“There was a banging from the dugout, almost like a bat hitting the bat rack every time a changeup signal got put down,” said Farquhar, who is now the pitching coach with the White Sox’s High-A affiliate in Winston-Salem, N.C. “After the third one, I stepped off. I was throwing some really good changeups and they were getting fouled off. After the third bang, I stepped off.”

“The banging stopped,” Farquhar said. “My assumption was they were picking it up from the video and relaying the signs to the dugout. … That was my theory on the whole thing. It made me very upset. I was so angry, so mad, that the media didn’t come to me after.” 


Yeah I've seen enough. Throw AJ Hinch in prison. All that guy has done for years is throw smug comment after smug comment at the wall just hoping they sticked. Holier than god himself. Laughing at the Yankees for picking up on it during the ALCS where they were likely cheating again. Perception is reality. 

Lock him up. Major League Baseball couldn't find any evidence of their wrong doing for the longest time. Well, cats outta the bag, AJ. You're fucked.

During the 2017 ALCS the Astros were legit helpless in the Bronx. They couldn't solve the Yankees offense. At home they were unbeatable. The Bronx Bombers bats were as silent as can be. It was bizarre how much of a difference it was. Now we know why. The Astros cheated. 

Replay the 2017 ALCS (minus Greg Bird and Ellsbury) and then after the Astros get swept let's throw them all in jail. Simple enough. As far as I'm concerned this is right up there with the Chicago Black Sox. Can't have it in my game. Banished. All of you. 

P.S. FEED me the Astros statement where they disparage Rosenthal, Farquhar and Fiers for this whole investigation.