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CatFeits Round 3 And Stoolie Voicemails Featuring Mo

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Absolutely phenomenal episode of Stoolie Voicemails on KFC Radio this week. Great emails, great voicemails, and a great battle during CatFeits. The third and deciding question in this week’s CatFeits was who has the easier job – Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Let me just tell you right now if you think Santa’s job is easier than the Easter Bunny’s, you are outside of your fucking mind. Being Santa Claus is like playing shortstop for the New York Yankees. Like being the premier big man on the Lakers. Starting quarterback of the Cowboys. Its the big time, folks. You’re the $200 million signing that everyone is expecting to perform. The pressure is on to make fucking dreams come true. You have to monitor the entire human race. Cast judgment on their character. Peruse billions of Wish Lists, manufacture all the toys, and decide who gets their dream presents.

Meanwhile the Easter Bunny – what the fuck does he even do? Just makes a ton of fucking baskets with chocolate bunnys and marshmallow ducks? Thats fucking it. He’s like a utility player coming off the bench. Any production you get from him is a bonus. Zero pressure, nobody expects much. The Easter Bunny’s job is easier than my job and all I do is talk about masturbating and how much I hate the teams I root for.

As for the rest of the show, theres a little bit of everything. Polar bear vs Great White Shark, who’s the best Barstool wingman with a cameo from old ass Portnoy, questions about the best fictional teams and events, and more. Come down the rabbit hole with us…full episode here: