All-Time Tennis Smoke Dominka Cibulkova Retires At The Age of 30

Dominka Cibulkova retired today at the young age of 30. She was a WTA final champion, Aussie Open finalist, collected, 8 titles and 35 top 10 wins. Despite being 5'3" she was always a feisty motherfucker on the court, always giving top women trouble. Dominka also had this weird obsession with sniffing tennis balls and being able to tell where they came from. 

The craze was started by Dominika Cibulkova, the women’s tennis world No. 9, who’s been spotted getting a noseful of that new ball smell several times while on court. Cibulkova is apparently such an avid ball sniffer that she can even identify where different tennis balls come from just from the way they smell. At last year’s competition she managed to identify several balls to the tournament where they were originally used while blindfolded. People have speculated that Cibulkova sniffs the balls for luck but she’s denied that claiming she just does it because she likes the smell of the balls, which is fair enough. -Unilad

Anyways, pretty surprising to see her retiring at the age of 30 in a sport where people are playing way into their 30s, but here's a little tribute to one of the all-time tennis smokes who you probably didn't know about. Congrats on a great career!